How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar will launch the Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 today under which loans up to Rs10 million will be given to increase employment in the province.


How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

Individuals between the age of 20 to 50 can apply for the loans by signing up through their CNICs on

The application fee of the program is Rs2000 (non-refundable) and must be submitted once the application has been submitted.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme will provide total loans of Rs30 billion to provide subsidized credit facilities to the micro, small, and medium (MSMEs) startups and existing businesses in collaboration with commercial Banks. The loans will range from Rs100,000 to 10 million.


How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Who can apply?

  • University/college graduates with entrepreneurial skill
  • Diploma/certificate holder from TVET having technical/vocational training.
  • Artisans and skilled workers
  • Existing businesses (However, preference will be given to existing businesses in wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Micro and other enterprises that apply for a loan to adopt resource-efficient and cleaner production technologies or any green/environment-friendly intervention to improve the environmental performance of their operations.


How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Eligibility Criteria

  • Male / Female / Transgender
  • Citizen of Pakistan, Resident in Punjab, verified through CNIC
  • Business Location: Punjab
  • Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or any business fulfilling other eligibility criteria
  • Must have a clean e-CIB / Credit History
  • For startups / new businesses (Having a viable business plan)
  • For existing businesses (Having a viable business plan with a focus to sustain the impact of COVID-19)
  • Having valid CNIC
  • Any other parameter to be set by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) / Government


How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Terms & Conditions


Feature Description
Loan Limit
  • Upto Rs. 10.00 Million
    1. Clean lending: from Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 1,000,000/-
    2. Secured lending: from Rs. 1,000,001/- to Rs. 10,000,000/-
  • Under Punjab Green Development Program, the limit of a loan will remain the same. However, preference will be given to the micro-enterprises, ready to adopt the environment improving technology, having up to 10 numbers of employees.


Purpose of loan
  • Setting up of new business
  • Balancing, Modernization and Replacement (BM&R) for existing businesses
  • Working Capital
MSME Sector
  • Manufacturing, Service, Trading, Agriculture and Live Stock
  • (Environment Friendly / Quality Improving Micro Enterprises as defined above will also be considered under the Punjab Green Development Program)
Processing fee Rs. 2000/- (non-refundable) at the time of submission of application
Tenure of loan/Repayment Period From 02 to 05 years including a grace period
Grace period Up to Six (06) Months (However, the markup will be charged during the grace period)
Type of loan Term loan as per bank policy and working capital
Cost of Capital Cost of Capital to be paid by Borrower:

  • 4% for clean lending
  • 5% for secured lending
Debt: Equity 80:20 (For males)

90:10 (Women, Transgender and Differently abled)

(Meaning thereby 20% / 10% of the project cost will be invested by the borrower)

Disbursement of loans In installment(s) as per approved business plan
Security of loan 1. Security for Clean Lending

  • Security for loan limit from Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 500,000/-

Personal Guarantee of the borrower along with net worth statement.

  • Security for loan limit from Rs. 500,001/- to Rs. 1,000,000/-

Personal Guarantee of the borrower along with at least one, Third Party guarantor with overall net worth collectively equal to size of the loan applied.

(Third Party should be a citizen of Pakistan and resident of the Punjab having a valid CNIC and must not be older than 55 years. Moreover, e-CIB of third party should be clean i.e. it should not have any overdue or write off history)


Guarantee of Government employee of BS-10 and above alongwith personal guarantee of the borrower.

(Departmental gurantee of the government employee will be mandatory)

Net Worth / Wealth Description and Calculation Criteria:

Net Worth may be in the form of Tangible Asset i.e Property or Vehicle ownership and may be assessed as follows:

A. Property may be valued at respective DC rate.


B. Property valuation may be established from Wealth Tax statement.


C. Evaluation by Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) approved evaluator/agent


D. Vehicle valuation shall be invoice price less depreciation (10% for each passing year).

2. Security for loan limit from Rs. 1,000,001/- to 10,000,000/-

Mortgage of Assets

Asset description

A. Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural Property / vehicle having clean title and clear access (acceptable to the bank) and valued by banks approved appraiser as per bank’s policy.

B. The property should be in the name of borrower or blood relative of individual / proprietor / partners.

C. Documentation shall be as per bank credit policy / legal division. Charge / hypothecation on fixed / current assets as per internal / external regulations.


The Portal of the Punjab Rozgar Scheme is launched and interested individuals can apply through this portal

How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Click on Image to Apply online for Punjab Rozgar Scheme.

How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

Purpose of Punjab Rozgar Scheme How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021

The purpose of launching this scheme is to help people in different ways. The following List will elaborate that how this scheme will help

  • Help in Existing Business
    Start-up a new business
    Entrepreneur working for Resource-efficient & environment-friendly interventions.
    Help running business effected by COVID-19 on a priority basis.
    Creating 1.6 Billion job opportunities for unemployed people.

How to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar also announced that the provincial government will review plans for further reducing mark-up rate. Chief Minister Buzdar said that the young generation will not only groom their skills but also be provided employment.

Reducing poverty in Punjab province is the main initiative of the Pakistan Government and apart from other schemes, this Scheme is also a milestone step in order to reduce unemployment and encouraging people to start a small business.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2021 Details

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Launched by: Government of Punjab
  • Program Announced On 1st October 202
  • Gender: Male/Female/Transgenders
  • Age Limit: 20 – 25 Years
  • Loan Tenure: 2- 5 Yeas




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